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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A New Home for Theological Musings!

Update your links and feed subscriptions!! The blog has moved!

Before I give you the details, I need to apologize to ded because no sooner did I make him get a Blogger account to keep commenting here, then I made the decision to make a change in location! If I had known what I was about to do, I would have held off on the difficulty of making people sign up here. But over the last week, I've done a lot of thinking, and decided to go ahead and make this latest change.

So, I have changed the location of this blog. You may now read Theological Musings at my new domain name: I have switched to a WordPress system, which I think, in the long run, will be a much better system for me. I can do so much more with it because it's open source and fully customizable.

For you, the reader, there are some benefits, too. For example, if you have a blog of your own, your name on comments will now link directly to your blog address instead of your Blogger profile (avoiding that frustrating two-click process to see a commenter's blog). And if you like to read the comments, but don't want to keep checking back, you can subscribe to comments for a particular post or the entire blog itself to read in your RSS reader.

So, come on over and see the new place. I even wrote a new post over there for you to read and comment on already. I've also imported this entire blog with its comments, so everything exists over there now.

For those of you who have links to me on your blogs, please update them to the new address at your convenience. I will leave this blog up indefinitely, especially since it will take me a while to clean up the links in old posts in the new format to link to that site and not this one.

See you over at the new place, I hope!

steve :)

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