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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Music in the Simple Church

I don't really have time to deal with this topic in its entirety right now, so I'll just tease you with it, and hopefully come back to it after the New Year and give some more of my thoughts. However, Bob Kauflin posted an entry on his blog today that I found very thoughtful with regard to the usage of pre-recorded (canned) music in a church service.

This is a topic that I think can be very important to the Simple Church concept because generally, we are talking about churches that are very small and informal. When people want to sing (and I think singing can be a great part of worship together, although I don't believe it has to happen every single time we gather), how do we handle that?

I participate frequently on a discussion group on the House2House site, and several months ago, we talked some about this topic. Because so many of us have come out of the institutional church experience, we often bring with us a mentality of what music has to be like. I think this can be problematic.

At any rate, I hope to dive into this topic more in the future, but wanted to link to Bob's blog today while his post is fresh. He anticipates dealing with it tomorrow, too, and if so, I'll post an update here with a link to the second entry as well.

By the way, Bob is not blogging from a simple or house church perspective. However, his thoughts on this topic can equally apply, I believe. And, as I said, I think this subject actually can have even more importance when discussed in the context of a simple church setting.

Update: Actually, I misread the date on Bob's post, and didn't realize he had already written part 2 of it today! Part 2 can be found here. He actually does tie his thoughts into small group worship, as well, and not just "big church" corporate worship, so it's very relevant to our discussion.

Until next time,

steve :)

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